Monochrome Monday

I've thought about a black and white page for a while. I've even tried. But resisting any color at all was harder than I cared to admit! Anyway, prompted by John Clinock of Art Rat Cafe I determined to give it another go. Armed just with black and white gesso, black and white Dr PH … Continue reading Monochrome Monday

ink runs

Two pages in one post, Playing with ink never tires, never gets samey, never ceases to amuse me. Alternating between transparent, opaque, and water in drips and runs, watching the pigments flow and merge; Pulling at the puddle edges with a brush or pen or stick... imprinting in wet ink... Big love for ink!

Moments in the process

There is often a stage in the process where I look at the page and think WTF? What is going on? It might fly off on a tanget, or it might develop recognizably from here. But until it does, I have no way of telling... Pushing on from this point gets easier every time. Like … Continue reading Moments in the process

paper dying – new techniques!

I really thought that stash of dyed papers would last a long time, but supplies are getting low, so last night I began another batch, and in so doing I've streamlined the process a bit. It's the same 'lasagna' of paper and ink/dye, but instead of leaving it to marinade for ages, once it had … Continue reading paper dying – new techniques!

confessions of a color junkie

Can't help myself, every day gotta get a fix of colors. Colors in combinations that don't always sit comfortably. Colors in big splashy forms. Speckles n freckles you only see close up....

day of the ephemeral dragon

When I was doing the paper dying thing I was using future pages of sketchbook to catch the drips. Today this page came round. Pleasant in itself, but that was then. The nature of this is to be ephemeral, fleeting, evolving. This page belongs to today: time to change. Skipping over the stages I forgot … Continue reading day of the ephemeral dragon

adventures in color: ingredients

In response to the feed back on my paper dying project, thought I'd share some inspiration and some of my fave ingredients if you're interested in doing something similar. Firstly I must introduce you to an artist I find enormously inspirational, Ruth Issett. Ruth has authored several books of mouth-wateringly delicious adventure in color and … Continue reading adventures in color: ingredients

running with color

As the book of daily doodles progresses, it must be time for another catch up... As the days and the pages go by I'm seeing how there's so much more to this project than I ever expected. And I'm not even 3 weeks in! This page was play with acrylic tar gel and inks. The … Continue reading running with color