100 drawings: the closing pages.

“I try to create fantastic things, magical things, things like in a dream. The world needs more fantasy." ~ Salvador Dali.

100 drawings: almost full circle.

“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.." ~  Carl Sagan. 100 doodles from 100 photos in my phone. This is the last but one week of my extended summer project. The last steps of a marathon. I have mixed feelings about it ending ...

10th anniversary Tree of Life

Yesterpost I was showing you the Tree of Life, the drawing that's been with me for (still finding this bit hard to believe) ten years. I've photoshopped it through a few variations over this time, and to celebrate it's tenth birthday I decided to reinvent one more incarnation for 2017. More vivid, more zingy, the colors are almost an … Continue reading 10th anniversary Tree of Life

tree of life

Life often moves in a spiral motion: I've been here before, haven't you? The view is a little bit different through today's lens but what I see looks distinctly familiar. It feels like no time passed, in so many senses, but the numbers tell me it's approaching 10 years since I drew this.   I remember … Continue reading tree of life

just lurking

Hello lovely friends of the internet, I've missed you, where have you been? I haven't posted in a little while due to an absence of images. This is the coming together of a doodly thing I did a few weeks back Watercolour and fountain pen,  intricate and involved but in a stilted inhibited style, so … Continue reading just lurking

imaginary animals

Some of the characters I collected in my camera at the V&A last week, having filtered through my imagination, turned up in my art journal. As they evolved along the way, some got a little lost under the layers. faces merge animals and human, some characters from other projects join them. As the weekend wore on, … Continue reading imaginary animals

almost completely (50/52)

Every week this year I've worked on one page of this art journal. There's a poignancy to the last pages of a book, a wanting to eke out the fun.... mixed with a readiness to move on to new projects. Oh so many new projects lined up! This is an almost complete page of the … Continue reading almost completely (50/52)

ingredients of a week (49/52)

In no particular order, this week's page is built out of these things... Derwent XL Graphite (same folks who make the Inktense stuff). Big chunky blocks that are also water soluble. Great for grubby grimy grunge. Vague shapes and noises to form the ambiance. Brené Brown vividly describes something I've been focused on this year, these words showed up … Continue reading ingredients of a week (49/52)