Fueled by Doubt 36/52

I look at them in their lives and their worlds, they do their things and they live their days. I can do that. Look - watch me - I'm doing my things and living my days. And then I turn sideways, and vanish. Where did I go? All the fear folded in on me. It all … Continue reading Fueled by Doubt 36/52

Courage, Faith, Trust. 33/52

Scribbled things. Filled in with nonsense and part heard words Dabs, daubs, splosh. Dragged, drawn out, drawn on. And more, and further. Anemones? meteors? Some frenzied chaos. (I honestly don't know.) But as usual, I like the details best of all   The title for this week - Courage, Faith, Trust - came from the same-named … Continue reading Courage, Faith, Trust. 33/52

reflecting ‘so much more’ 27/52

Every week I create something. Some weeks I create more. In fact - most days I create loads - but in terms of the tangible, the painty reality, every week of this year I am creating at least one something: One page of One book of One year I'm over half way in now, and … Continue reading reflecting ‘so much more’ 27/52

The Gestalt is Revealed 24/52

"To see patterns is to understand." Do you know Jason Silva? He's media artist, futurist, philosopher, he's a ball of frenetic energy and enthusiasm and with a magnificent mastery of descriptive language he spills this energy out into the internet in Shots of Awe. I like Jason Silva a LOT. I was listening to him … Continue reading The Gestalt is Revealed 24/52

butterfly overflow (9/52)

Week 9 of this year is made out of the colours of Spring, honoring the sense of Spring as the world comes back to life after her quiet  dormant months. And some of last week's butterflies have flitted across into this week too. I had a big old tidy up after finishing that project and … Continue reading butterfly overflow (9/52)

What the eye-fish?

It might look like I've been deliberately obtuse about the eye-fish thing... What can I say, they appear in groups of three, and so far 2 of the 3 weeks of this new year's book have hosted a set. Yeh, really, they aren't eyes, they aren't fish. Eyes and fish are quite different things, and … Continue reading What the eye-fish?


Do you guys know Jane Davies? I've just watched this video of hers. Really simple black and white mark making, so vibrant and lively and really 'in the moment'. It made me think how great this would be as a kick-start when I can't get going. A reminder: don't try and make something just do. … Continue reading Unstuckness

thoughts of the moment…

In the accidental gap year I found myself in last year, I determined myself to continue learning. I absorbed a wonderous feast of inspiration and enthusiam from the good folks of the internet. Yes, that includes you. I thank you sincerely. I collected and devoured books and articles, blogs, tutorials and galleries (online and off). … Continue reading thoughts of the moment…

resistance to drawing

Funny how some fragments of life become lodged in that part of the memory that keeps rolling back round to the front. This was part of the conversation in my interview for art school 2 years ago... Me: I'd really like to learn to draw Tutor: Huh? Me: Yeh, I can't draw, y'know like real … Continue reading resistance to drawing