paper dying – new techniques!

I really thought that stash of dyed papers would last a long time, but supplies are getting low, so last night I began another batch, and in so doing I've streamlined the process a bit. It's the same 'lasagna' of paper and ink/dye, but instead of leaving it to marinade for ages, once it had … Continue reading paper dying – new techniques!

confessions of a color junkie

Can't help myself, every day gotta get a fix of colors. Colors in combinations that don't always sit comfortably. Colors in big splashy forms. Speckles n freckles you only see close up....

Frisket stencils, part 1

I do love stencils, and after watching this vid from Julie Pritchard and Chris Cozens I was inspired to follow their technique using my own stencils. (I especially like the way they recycle the colors from the stencils onto tissue paper to reuse later on in collages) So, I got myself some Frisket Film (if … Continue reading Frisket stencils, part 1

more experiments with rice

This (Wednesday's page) Plus this (salvaged dyed rice + hot water) Equals this (thickly heaped rice on dry paper - may try wet paper next time - sprayed with a little more ink for good measure) Plus drying time............. produced this, gently dappled patterning.

new things old things

this was Monday's page, recycling techniques in a new order, mostly acrylic with a bit of ink spray. Very much into stenciling just now. I've ordered some Frisket paper (and waiting on delivery as I type) and giddy with anticipation!!

layers on overspill

Sunday 29 April: This page started out with some overspill remnants from previous inky fun - the golden orange magenta dyes. It's been a while since I played with watercolors and the blue forms are today's addition. I'm messing about with different techniques - this time using a water brush dipped directly into the tube … Continue reading layers on overspill

the what and the why of ‘a page a day’

When I began this project (a month ago today) I had no idea how long I'd stick with it. Or how easy/difficult, much fun/much of a slog, it would become. Or for what reason I wanted to do it. But I did want to. So I began. A Page A Day, the project. Ingredients: New … Continue reading the what and the why of ‘a page a day’

adventures in color: ingredients

In response to the feed back on my paper dying project, thought I'd share some inspiration and some of my fave ingredients if you're interested in doing something similar. Firstly I must introduce you to an artist I find enormously inspirational, Ruth Issett. Ruth has authored several books of mouth-wateringly delicious adventure in color and … Continue reading adventures in color: ingredients

dyed paper!

Thanks to all who've joined me in these last few days of paper dying. If you'd like to catch up on the story so far, it started here, went here, went off track awhile here, before showing up here. It's taken over my weekend, spilling into the weeks either side, and still there's stuff soaking … Continue reading dyed paper!

off on a tangent & happy accidents

Using a blank page from my sketchbook to work on for the paper dying episodes has a threefold purpose: It's a nice clean white (to begin with, at least) backdrop to photograph and record work in progress. A3 size book, opened up is a good sized working area. It protects my work surface (for now, … Continue reading off on a tangent & happy accidents