I love sets of things, I love arrangementsΒ & collections. When I hear a song I love, I have to scurry off as soon as I can to find the album it's from, find the artist, track down the other tracks. Fall in love again. WhenΒ my eyes are magnetised byΒ a piece of art, IΒ race to seek … Continue reading Collections

Mermaids & Peacocks

I've just spent a month dwelling in a color I love so much: blue-green, and I have to admit it wasn't easy to move on! In this year full of color, as I journey around the color wheel, I'm devoting each month to a single color, and April was all about teal, turquoise and sea-shades … Continue reading Mermaids & Peacocks

Thought forms

This is one where I'm beginning in the middle. I'll catch you up on the beginning next, but let's start off here, just coz I feel like it. Thoughtforms are a series of relief collages I'm making from the dyed paper (way back... remember the dyed paper?) and the don't-know-why-but-compelled-to-keep-making-them funny little colored rectangle things. … Continue reading Thought forms

New Year: New Projects!

Day 2, and so far I'm quite liking 2013. It's demanded nothing to arduous from me. It's given me time to play with these square things! They're a work in progress, I think a little more to be done, then framing. More pics soons! πŸ˜€

obsessions de jour

Hey folks - Happy Holidays to you all! We've had a lot of dark, gloomy, rainful days here. Not a big grumble, weather happens, but the half-arsed grey wet daylight has severely hampered my ability to any good photos lately. This week, finally I got a few pics of my latest adventures and obsessions! When … Continue reading obsessions de jour

ink dribbles

Remember the watermarked dyed paper ? This week I've been playing with ink (quite a lot!) So it followed that where water does one thing, ink should do similar but with more colorful results! I used Pebeo Colorex ink (Chartreuse. My fav color de jour!) they have a real glowing transparency and mouth-wateringly rich color! … Continue reading ink dribbles

now…. where was I ?

All that giddy excitement from last weekend (or some such excuse) meant I've not kept you updated on the page a day project - but I've not been so remiss as to let it slide! Ready for a 10 day/page binge? Ok, here they come! Day 29 (chronologically this day fell between Contrast (with buttons) … Continue reading now…. where was I ?