back and forth and backth again

Like a meandering meandery thing, so much to say, so little sense of order...! Amongst the changes I'm progressing through in recent months, I've re-aquired a bunch of stuff that's been in storage for a number of years. Some of which: a veritable shedload (well, technically, half a van load) of miscellaneous textiles which are … Continue reading back and forth and backth again

Easy Batik – the verdict!

Some little while ago I got all buzzed up about an idea to do some batik. A trawl through the web came up with Dylon Easy Batik and as I couldn't resist (HA! geddit!!) giving it a go. I have to say firstly, it is a lot of fun. With the consistency of cream (shake … Continue reading Easy Batik – the verdict!

Cosy Snugness, in the making

A little while ago I told you about my plan to make a quilt. So far I've completed 9 5x5 squares...... I started by recycling a quilt I made years ago, stripping it down for usable fabric, but there wasn't going to be enough to complete the project. I scoured boot sales, charity shops and … Continue reading Cosy Snugness, in the making

a re-work in progress

This time last year I was just finishing a year's foundation course in art and design. For the end of year show I made a textile sculpture, but the design wandered off a long way from my original idea. Although i liked the elements of it, I wasn't happy with the overall look. These are … Continue reading a re-work in progress

Monday morning theme: Where to begin ?!

I know I'll need to get the otherside of another cup of coffee before things start making sense today, what's what and where to go isn't making much sense yet! I've built up a few days worth of photos to share with you, even cropped them down and renamed them, but in so doing I … Continue reading Monday morning theme: Where to begin ?!