reflecting ‘so much more’ 27/52

Every week I create something. Some weeks I create more. In fact - most days I create loads - but in terms of the tangible, the painty reality, every week of this year I am creating at least one something: One page of One book of One year I'm over half way in now, and … Continue reading reflecting ‘so much more’ 27/52

Palindrome Week (25/52)

25/52: It's Palindrome Week! And it's pushed me into a different colour zone. I'm new here, I haven't visited this array of bluegreens and reddypinks before The streaks of white are new as well. The collage continues, I can't see that ending any time soon. Rising up, looking forward... Something of a Tribal Phoenix amid … Continue reading Palindrome Week (25/52)

The Gestalt is Revealed 24/52

"To see patterns is to understand." Do you know Jason Silva? He's media artist, futurist, philosopher, he's a ball of frenetic energy and enthusiasm and with a magnificent mastery of descriptive language he spills this energy out into the internet in Shots of Awe. I like Jason Silva a LOT. I was listening to him … Continue reading The Gestalt is Revealed 24/52

Evolution of a Ideas

I love the dance between the digital and the analog. Set the pixels in place, print and then set to with the tools of a previous age: Actual cutting with actual scissors Actual mess  with actual paste. The combination of these colours and the sheen of the medium have given her heads a pearly purity. (And … Continue reading Evolution of a Ideas

Reaching In

For every action, so they say, there is an equal and opposite reaction. In balancing the outward reach, a degree of reaching inwards naturally follows As Im exploring my journey of imagination and making, I'm looking through inner worlds as places of thought and reflection, and I’m acknowledging the past to step into the future. … Continue reading Reaching In

Chapter Next: The Letter

Another week, another page in the altered book to show you. I notice sometimes when I'm working on a project, just how little control I have. It's not that I don't know where it's going, I'm not even steering the way. It's going its own course and I'm simply wielding the brush or the pen … Continue reading Chapter Next: The Letter

Chapter Next: Mirage

Some the pages in my altered book are already conveniently titled. The book began as an orphaned volume of short stories, and some of the tales' titles just appealed too much to cover up. Doesn't Mirage just conjure such magic? I haven't embarked on any of these pages with a plan. Planning just isn't in … Continue reading Chapter Next: Mirage

Chapter Next: Unity & Variety

I'm having so much fun with this altered book. As it develops more meanings are attaching themselves. For instance, it has 42 pages, and as we all know 42 is the meaning of life, the universe and everything. So suddenly it has a theme attached... it's a book with elements of life, the universe and … Continue reading Chapter Next: Unity & Variety

weekly art journalling 15/52

From the start of this year I've been art journaling on a weekly basis. And it's thrown up all kind of interesting thoughts I wouldn't have pre-guessed. Like how some patterns recur through so much I do and make. This checkerboard effect is an old fav. Especially this sort made up from snippy bits of … Continue reading weekly art journalling 15/52