circus of uncertainty

It's a continuing theme... We are back in the book again. Come in, have a stroll round... It's a bit wordy underfoot so mind your step. There's a regularity to the irregular once you get used to it here. There's a quiet comfort in the uncertainty. And as in the parallel world outside, no-one's really sure … Continue reading circus of uncertainty

friday afternoon thoughts

The unfolding of my days now includes this nightly ritual, no matter what time I have between getting home and going to sleep, at least part of it is spent between the pages of this book. I make the time, eke it out, surprise myself how much page can be covered and how many doodles will … Continue reading friday afternoon thoughts

Imaginary Friends

I've got a bunch of stuff like this.... No I mean, really.... I have acres. Clothing that's not quite wearable any more, fabric scraps and snippets, material I've dyed, painted, embroidered, cut up and sewn up and all the projects and garments that haven't quite made it, that haven't quite played out, but they're still … Continue reading Imaginary Friends

Two Views (21/52)

Art journalers who embrace the unplanned, who find their mojo in the serendipitous, whose ideas bloom out of happenstance: these folks will know this old trick: Squash that inky stencil between future pages of the book in which you're playing and get the two-folded benefits of not wasting a drop of delicious colour and planting … Continue reading Two Views (21/52)

upsidedowneries (20/52)

Life's little upsidedowneries; they entertain, baffle, bemuse. I considered not posting this page, tbh I was just relieved I took these first pics before I got too far in, so at least I had something to show for the week if I couldn't bring myself to unveil the way it went from here.... Mmmmm yummy … Continue reading upsidedowneries (20/52)

Water in Parallel: Bring in the Deities

The two Water paintings have been progressing along since I last showed you. The biggest development has been that they are now populated with deities. I've invited in the spirits of some gods and goddesses from all parts of our history and mythology. In keeping with the themes, these are rulers of water and creativity. … Continue reading Water in Parallel: Bring in the Deities

Shadow Monkeys (8/52 cont/d)

Week eight of 2015: a busy page that's warranted 2 posts... And that's without any mention of the butterflies. Or Steve Jobs. But that's all for another day... The thing I wanted to tell you about now is monkey related: Since I spent a weekend in conversation with my daemons, they've been magicking themselves into … Continue reading Shadow Monkeys (8/52 cont/d)