Bringing Brightness to you!

Bringing Brightness to you! Flash Sale of Textile & Mixed Media Art. Help me make space in my studio to make more deliciously colourful goodies!

Spring Greens

Ever since I was a little kid, I always loved to sew. Not just to be able to make things, but the actual meditative act of stitching. The up & down, the back & forth, like the inhale & exhale, it's a rhythm I melt into.   Textile Collage on Etsy   As part of my year full of color … Continue reading Spring Greens

colorful excitement!

Hey folks! Today I took a bunch of my stuffs into college to use the photo studio - so I now have some properly lit pics to show you! There's nothing to beat having a real expert set up the lighting and lend you their really good camera! I've been invited to show some of … Continue reading colorful excitement!

a re-work in progress

This time last year I was just finishing a year's foundation course in art and design. For the end of year show I made a textile sculpture, but the design wandered off a long way from my original idea. Although i liked the elements of it, I wasn't happy with the overall look. These are … Continue reading a re-work in progress