fullmoon meltdown (26/52)

Everything begins with an idea. Everything. See the little tiny bits of neon pink in there? That's the idea that set this page running. I saw this colour in the art shop forever-ago. I'm not a pinky kinda person but I had a really visceral attraction to this particularly teeth-jangling shade, and it was in … Continue reading fullmoon meltdown (26/52)

Full Moon Everything 10/52

Week 10 began on a full moon. It was a big full week. Tidal changes of hope and spirit, plans formed and crashed with barely time to get a good grip on them. It's the first week I've really found difficult to 'make' - in terms of the page, but also I guess in terms … Continue reading Full Moon Everything 10/52

Behind the times 5/52

Last week was such a wild week, full speed ahead into the future. .... Big mental adventures, idea exploration, culmination and loose end tying. And then the massive full moon on Tuesday. Maybe that's why it's taken until now to post last night week's page. This is where it started out: a splurge of words … Continue reading Behind the times 5/52

More Focus & Trust 1/52

So last night I polished off the first week of my 2015 week by week art journal. Little tweaks and changes.... more emphasis on Trust - I gotta trust in this process, and more focus on the word Focus. Got me thinking about focusing on what this week has meant to me. The big silvery … Continue reading More Focus & Trust 1/52