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I don't want you to miss out: today is the last day you can join TWELVTY! What is TWELVTY? It's an adventure in color that runs throughout 2017. It's an enormous feast of resources to inspire your creative practice. It's an insight into my creative practice with weekly newsletters and videos. It's a community of … Continue reading tick.. tick.. tick…


"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." ~ George Bernard Shaw don't stop  😉

A Solstice Gift

Hello dear friends! Depending on the hemisphere you call home, today is either the shortest or longest day of the year.  I like to set aside some time this week to set intentions and bundle up any loose ends so these last days of December are a gradual transition into the new year. This year I'm super … Continue reading A Solstice Gift


Twelvty begins in January 2017. It's a 12 month journey through 12 colours: exploring, experimenting, collaborating, painting, playing. Each month is dedicated to its own single color, and January is all about YELLOW. We start here... you wanna come along? It's going to be so much fun 🙂 Join up now only £144 for the whole year.   

5 Stages of Creative Obsession

I'm working on a new project. It's SO Much Fun! It really crept up on me, without realizing I'd run the full gamut of the 5 stages of taking on a new and seemingly unlikely creative obsession What the...? Why would someone do that? That makes no sense to me... I'm not one to judge, … Continue reading 5 Stages of Creative Obsession