deeper into the book of wishes

Yesterday I showed you the first page of my latest project - the first one I could call finished (ish). This is the latest page, I began playing with over the weekend. Starting out with gesso and inks, layered up and finished with hot glue blobs Inspired by the very lovely and talented Contadina K

Monochrome Monday

I've thought about a black and white page for a while. I've even tried. But resisting any color at all was harder than I cared to admit! Anyway, prompted by John Clinock of Art Rat Cafe I determined to give it another go. Armed just with black and white gesso, black and white Dr PH … Continue reading Monochrome Monday

Mixed Mish Mash

This weekend I spent playing with ink on gesso and acrylic medium. Dripping, spraying, dribbling and seeing where the runs take it. On wet and dry gesso, ink on wet inks, ink mixed in with medium, water on dry inks... all sorts of permutations. The circles in the gesso came from the end of the … Continue reading Mixed Mish Mash

So many, many layers

The page a day page/day parallel thing - they day resembles the page, the page resembles the day. Like the chicken and egg thing. Causality and whatnot. This page went through so many incarnations. Layer upon layer of indecisive confusion, unguided and unintentional. Layers added, torn off, reglued on bits. The page is quite dense … Continue reading So many, many layers

a nothing nother monday

Monday was a nothingy day. A nother nothingy day. I guess that was just on the surface, a mood, as my subconcious chose these deep sumptuous colors to illustrate Monday's page. So there must have been more than nothing in there somewhere 😉 I hold my hands up. I have no knowledge of how these … Continue reading a nothing nother monday

how my week began

It's a funny thing, doing this daily page, and the more I get into the routine of doing it, the more I'm getting out of it. I'm seeing it increasingly as a visual reference to my daily life. This is how my week is looking so far... in detail: