A day in a page, part 2 of part 2

Remember the fantastic ink squirting device from earlier today? Well here it returns but with even more ridiculous proportions. We needed red instead of yellow, which meant draining the yellow out of the squirty-bit. Never wanting to waste color, we released the residue onto tomorrow's page. Tomorrow's page was temporary resting place for the palette … Continue reading A day in a page, part 2 of part 2


Serendipity [noun] "an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident." I think this sums up so much of what I do. Yesterday's post about recycling was a tangent I wandered down when thinking about how the collage pieces I make come into being. Paper is readily recyclable these days (indeed it's often recycled when it's … Continue reading serendipity

day of the ephemeral dragon

When I was doing the paper dying thing I was using future pages of sketchbook to catch the drips. Today this page came round. Pleasant in itself, but that was then. The nature of this is to be ephemeral, fleeting, evolving. This page belongs to today: time to change. Skipping over the stages I forgot … Continue reading day of the ephemeral dragon

off on a tangent & happy accidents

Using a blank page from my sketchbook to work on for the paper dying episodes has a threefold purpose: It's a nice clean white (to begin with, at least) backdrop to photograph and record work in progress. A3 size book, opened up is a good sized working area. It protects my work surface (for now, … Continue reading off on a tangent & happy accidents