The more you look…

...the more you see. Have you ever been on a color hunt? You can do it right now - pick a color and look around you, as soon as you choose to see, it pops up all over the place. I went looking for primaries in the everyday everythings... You don't need to go anywhere special, … Continue reading The more you look…

merging emerging

Last night I couldn't sleep. So I painted. And I pondered. Life is as quick as a flash, a sprint through some generations and it's done. And life is a slow evolution, spiralling up through understanding new layers of the game. It's both. Everything & Nothing. Empty & Full. Contrast & Confusion. Zigs & Zags. … Continue reading merging emerging

the ‘because’ of art journaling

  I've got old journals - the 'dear diary' variety - dating back over decades. Of no interest to anyone but occasionally me, I see what me-in-the-past was up to on this day however-many years ago. At art school I began to keep sketchbooks, filled it with thoughts and plans, doodles and scraps. Mainly visual references and test … Continue reading the ‘because’ of art journaling


My word for 2016 is Flow. I made a pinterest board for my word when I started doing this last year, but this time I'm amping up the imagery by having these pins printed out and in one of my journals. This way it's something I see most days, and I guess is more Vision-Board-y like this. There's … Continue reading Flow

No going back

Sometimes the biggest reason not to go someplace, the only reason I can conjure up, is the sure and certain knowledge i won't want to go back after.                   Crazy, huh?                   Wanting to go and not going. Wanting … Continue reading No going back