a day in a page, part 2

With a good thick layer of textures heaped onto the page, we really wanted it to look ... well... less of a shambles and splattering, squirting, dripping and flicking color at it seemed the most fun way to proceed. Much love for the infinite ways that different materials soak, absorb, repel, or seem indifferent towards … Continue reading a day in a page, part 2

papery things

The dyed printer manual has really got me thinking about all the other redundant paper lurking in the house and office - future dying ideas........... All instruction manuals - speshly those ones relating to things long broken, gone or forgotten Phone directories; the Yellow Pages would be a fab base for warm-colored dyings Newspaper, magazines … Continue reading papery things

dripping with extra texture

Another part of the process with the now familiar printer manual: Scrumpling! Both before and after the inky stage, scrumpling the paper helps it dry unevenly Uneven drying makes for gorgeous textural effects. With sharp folds the fibres of the paper is damaged just enough to make it super absorbant, and make for darker lines … Continue reading dripping with extra texture

12 in 12 to the end of April

Half way through another month seems a fitting time to update you on the 12 in 12 project. In a book dedicated to the project, every month focuses on just one color in the color-wheel. April was the month for blue, and these are the previously unposted April pages... detail here.... This brings us to … Continue reading 12 in 12 to the end of April


Serendipity [noun] "an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident." I think this sums up so much of what I do. Yesterday's post about recycling was a tangent I wandered down when thinking about how the collage pieces I make come into being. Paper is readily recyclable these days (indeed it's often recycled when it's … Continue reading serendipity

adventures in color: ingredients

In response to the feed back on my paper dying project, thought I'd share some inspiration and some of my fave ingredients if you're interested in doing something similar. Firstly I must introduce you to an artist I find enormously inspirational, Ruth Issett. Ruth has authored several books of mouth-wateringly delicious adventure in color and … Continue reading adventures in color: ingredients

paper dying, part one.

With fabric and textiles, I'm rarely put off by material being the 'wrong' color, provided I can dye it. Lately I've expanded this reasoning to include paper too. Fortunately for the sake of this project I'd already squirreled away a stock of paper, and the only preparation to be done was someΒ therapeutic tearingΒ  and scrumpling.Some … Continue reading paper dying, part one.


Where some people see scrap, I often see ingredients. Only when it really doesn't fit with social expectations can I curb my collecting, but I will usually come home with something I didn't leave the house with earlier in the day. Leaves, paper scraps, foil and cellophane from sweets, sketches and photos of interesting shapes, … Continue reading Ingredients