spinning into spring

A few days past the Equinox - whichever hemisphere you're reading this from Β - we've all just tipped a balance of seasons. I'm typing to you from the north, so my days are now eversoslightly longer then my nights. Which makes me glad. It suits my intermittent insomniac tendencies - if it isn't cold and … Continue reading spinning into spring

Parallelity 35/52

Have you used these pens? Pilot Parallel Pens.Β  I love them. They aren't only beautiful to write and draw with, but there's magic you can do if you have more than one and different colored ink. I got these years ago and they'd drifted to the back of my repertoire for a long while. It … Continue reading Parallelity 35/52

Water In Parallel (part 5)

The ongoing story of the two paintings about Water bumbles on... collage on top of painting on top of collage. Next? Next came more painting! I love the stuff that going on here, it's expressing the watery vibe I want it too. But there's a lot of it with no central focus. It's uncoordinated jazz … Continue reading Water In Parallel (part 5)