100 lessons from 100 drawings

In no particular order, these are the realisations that accompanied this project. These were observations I heard over and over again in my thoughts, page after page... 

daily learning

Do you have daily practices? I kinda do, but my progress moves like a caterpillar - that scrunching-stretching motion, so while it averages out as daily, it might not always be technically daily. This is the thing: - I'm acknowledging this now instead of berating myself. I'm learning my rhythms and working within them.  I'm letting the process … Continue reading daily learning

joining the dots

One of the things I want to achieve in 2016 is a greater sense of cohesiveness. A few weeks ago I adopted a new (to me) method of ordering my days, weeks, things, lists and such: Bullet Journalling  the 'analog system for the digital age'.  While I reside on the edge of digital geekfulness where I appreciate I nicely … Continue reading joining the dots

learning in patterns

The process of learning has a lot to do with recognising patterns. A pattern repeats enough and you can come to trust it. Then suddenly it changes: Confusion ensues. I've been here before: I'm trotting along, understanding; each new level of understanding fits comfortably on top of the last and it's creating a tidy heap … Continue reading learning in patterns

on being me.

I love to learn. I take in as much information as I can every day. It swims about inside my head, It gets filtered (a little bit). Forming together into cohesive chunks I consider my 'knowledge'. TBH, it's a bit cluttered in there. Overgrown. Oftentimes, when I extract some of these really interesting new things … Continue reading on being me.

corridor of doors

I love metaphors. In my world knowledge presents itself as a corrridor full of doors. Some are locked, Some seemingly lead nowhere. Keep on moving, keep trying the doors. Many lead to another corridor. All these corridors are full of doors. But gotta keep trying... Today's door opened to everything there is to photography beyond … Continue reading corridor of doors