Letting go of the butterfly

It's curious to relive the visual journey. There's nothing like filming the process to relive the 'why did I do that?' moments.

on letting go, on moving on

Continuing from yesterpost, as I'm finding my place in this book, it's finding its place in my days. I'm loving the contrast of my art against the books original purpose (which I spoke of more over here). The waves and the lines criss-crossing the verbal nonsense. More than this I'm enjoying the meditation of the evening ritual this book … Continue reading on letting go, on moving on

Time Hole (39/52)

I fell down another hole in time but it's All OK Now. I jumped. I was down there from some time, lurking (it happens from time to time. Do you do this too?) I've learned to TRUST I'll fumble my way out eventually. I follow my instincts and they lead me back to where I left off. … Continue reading Time Hole (39/52)

The Art of Letting Go

The things we learn at art school, that aren't really art... I've learnt how to let go. I started out with very fixed thinking mentality. I made myself decide what the finished result would look like as a starting point. Then trying to find a path to get from point A (nothing) to point Z … Continue reading The Art of Letting Go