day 9: 12 days of Twelvty

The 12 colors:12 months project of 2017 plays back in the last 12 days of the year. Today: Red

day 8: 12 days of Twelvty

2017 is my year full of color, the last 12 days I look back at the 12 colors in 12 months that was TWELVTY. Today: Red-Violet

The magic of magenta

2017 is my year full of color, each month I dedicate to a new color: 12 colors in 12 months, a trip around the color wheel. And what a trip! July has been a feast of violet purples.Β 

More Focus & Trust 1/52

So last night I polished off the first week of my 2015 week by week art journal. Little tweaks and changes.... more emphasis on Trust - I gotta trust in this process, and more focus on the word Focus. Got me thinking about focusing on what this week has meant to me. The big silvery … Continue reading More Focus & Trust 1/52

week by week 1/52

There's something so deliciously enlivening about the start of a new thing ...a new year ...a new book ...a new project In past years I've played with different art journaling projects, from page a day to a page a month.Β  This time around it's a page a week. So, 2015, here we go! Week 1 … Continue reading week by week 1/52

Three Colour Challenge

Nuvofelt's challenge was just what I needed this evening. After a day of getting on with some long put off jobs about the nest, my reward for myself was an hour or so of de-rusting my painting skills. The three colours I chose (without a lot of thought) were Magenta, Gold Ochre & Purple. Which … Continue reading Three Colour Challenge

for the love of paper

Isn't there something irresistable about paper? this page is centred around play with handmade paper. Not made by me I hasten to add - that's a game I haven't played (yet)! It lends itself so well to roughly torn edgery, and as I discovered this week, tearing it when wet makes for even fluffier edges. … Continue reading for the love of paper

now…. where was I ?

All that giddy excitement from last weekend (or some such excuse) meant I've not kept you updated on the page a day project - but I've not been so remiss as to let it slide! Ready for a 10 day/page binge? Ok, here they come! Day 29 (chronologically this day fell between Contrast (with buttons) … Continue reading now…. where was I ?