Serendipity [noun] "an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident." I think this sums up so much of what I do. Yesterday's post about recycling was a tangent I wandered down when thinking about how the collage pieces I make come into being. Paper is readily recyclable these days (indeed it's often recycled when it's … Continue reading serendipity

watching paint dry

...and photographing it! As I type to you the final drippings and runnings of this page a doing their thing, which give me the chance to show you some more bits of page. After scribbly ink and doodles I wanted to knock back some of the busy color and detail, which I did with a … Continue reading watching paint dry


Where some people see scrap, I often see ingredients. Only when it really doesn't fit with social expectations can I curb my collecting, but I will usually come home with something I didn't leave the house with earlier in the day. Leaves, paper scraps, foil and cellophane from sweets, sketches and photos of interesting shapes, … Continue reading Ingredients