100 Layers & a Manifesto

I wrote a manifesto! For reals! I was telling you yesterpost how I came to pick my project, how I'm exploring beyond my usual painting boundaries. How I'll manifest this challenge: For the 100 days from 3rd April to 15 July, I'm going to share my creative process. Some will be on Instagram (follow along on #100layersbymixy … Continue reading 100 Layers & a Manifesto

52/3 – Manifestery

manifesto  ~ manifest ~ manifestation What do I want to manifest this year? I forget now where the idea came from, but I was mulling over these words....Yes, I'm still inhabiting that whole new year, new, newy nonsense. Excuse me if it's beginning to grate. It will wear off (perhaps) .............. but y'know I started … Continue reading 52/3 – Manifestery

52/3, Bagua Map and Coloured Wordery

Welcome to part next of the weekly unfolding of my year... I was reading this week about Vision Boards. As my MO in life is heavily weighted toward visual inputs I leapt at this new (to me) strategy. In the words of my inner kid: Squeee I wanna make me a Vision Board! If you're … Continue reading 52/3, Bagua Map and Coloured Wordery