Sometimes I take sideways look. A change of perspective is refreshing and replenishing. I've always surrounded myself in color, it lights me up and brings with it so many of my ideas. And I love contrast. I'm someone who thrives on change and novelty. I bounce along with the momentum. So alongside all the bright clashing … Continue reading contrast

imaginary animals

Some of the characters I collected in my camera at the V&A last week, having filtered through my imagination, turned up in my art journal. As they evolved along the way, some got a little lost under the layers. faces merge animals and human, some characters from other projects join them. As the weekend wore on, … Continue reading imaginary animals

A Sacred Space

I was pondering this thought: a sacred space doesn't have to be a physical space. It can be a space in my day, a number of minutes I hold back from everyday use. A little bit of room in the day to release some thoughts into the ether. And ask the rhetorical questions. A few … Continue reading A Sacred Space

lost in pages of color

it's been over a week since the last round up of daily sketchbookery, here are some of the last week-and-a-bit's additions... Scraps of  dyed paper are beginning to crop up I'd been hunting through old magazines for some silhouettes to use, I've a feeling these might make a few appearances in pages to come. The … Continue reading lost in pages of color