A Spin of Colors

Hello lovely friends!

I’m here to bring a little bit of spinning bright colorfulness to your Friday. Here’s a 3D view of the color wheels I made in Twelvty 2018

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Happy weekend all X

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Full Circle

In previous years of TWELVTY, my year long trip around the color wheel, I’ve created an art journal to document the process (you can see them  here & here)

2018 is the third time I’ve repeated the experiment. It never ceases to amaze me how much deeper this color exploration can take me into a creative flow. 

This year I wanted to make something newsomething more dynamic. So this year my 12 color project took the form of part art journal, part 3d mixed media sculptures.


We’ve just arrived full circle on our trip around the color wheel, and I’m so excited how this project turned out!


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