waking up to a new week

Y'huh, I know it's Tuesday... but don't we all get those weeks that won't kick-start properly? Ok, so I'm up n running now! Reflecting on the latest page-a-day pages.... I took advantage of Satuday's sunshine to photograph my pages in the garden (reminded as I type this as the rain pours outside my window!), so … Continue reading waking up to a new week

visual echos

Thursday's page focused on utilising bits of the dyed paper through stacking n stitching, to exploring cut and torn shapes The echoing shapes from previous pages are now just indentations. To continue the theme of the swirling frond shape that has lasted all week I cut a stencil from acetate and used this with ink … Continue reading visual echos

layers of lumpiness

As Sunday's cut-out page was backed with card, turning over to Monday's page, meant incorporating two big rectangles of  card bang in the middle of the page. I often follow the adage If you can't hide it, make a feature of it, so this page was destined to be layered in a chunkier fashion than … Continue reading layers of lumpiness

“Obstinate & Concious”

I've shared some little snips and bits of my doodlings with you over the last few days to introduce you to my projects. Today I thought I'd explain a little more of how some pages come about. I advocate the belief that art materials can be made of pretty most anything. Beyond "making use", "recycling" … Continue reading “Obstinate & Concious”