Shadow Monkeys (8/52 cont/d)

Week eight of 2015: a busy page that's warranted 2 posts... And that's without any mention of the butterflies. Or Steve Jobs. But that's all for another day... The thing I wanted to tell you about now is monkey related: Since I spent a weekend in conversation with my daemons, they've been magicking themselves into … Continue reading Shadow Monkeys (8/52 cont/d)

nen nen ju shin ki

Thought forms are the children of an earlier project, my final project in the first year of my art degree. Focussing on the idea of meditation: trying to still the crazed jabbering of monkey mind, find some spaces between the thoughts. Thought following thought following thought - rattling by. That internal monologue of commentary, judgements, … Continue reading nen nen ju shin ki