A big life shift contains and consists of many minor life shifts. A happy change I’ve made is I now live in a house without at TV.

Seriously? Yep!

‘But you’re gonna get one, right…?’ Nope!

But hey, I got music, radio, podcasts, I got the all-encompassing-web. I got you guys! Most of all, I got way to much to do and think and make and be … TV’s a thing of the past in my world! ……… well, except for ……….. I have got my own special variation that came about through serendipity.

As I unpacked the boxes of belongings, I kept the strong n sturdiest for future use.


I’m not gone get rid of this, now am I? Double walled = super tough, it’s a big flattish box I used to move biggish paintings.


When I noticed its original use, its next incarnation began to enfold in my head. My very own better-than-a-tv…

messy glue-y icky… not a neat corner in sight!

The big flat sides glued together (the smaller side edges will come into play in a future project, doubtless) Covered in a layer of paper and another of sheeting for a clean flat white drawing-pin-in-able surface. (but could equally be something bright n cheery, or mixy-matchy with furnishings – and is infinitely changeable too)

stapled into submission, the corners didn’t square up too bad

And at last, the postcards and flyers I gather up at shows and on gallery trips get to see the light of day.


So over time the ‘picture’ will evolve; it only shows images I love and inspires instead of distracting 🙂

from then to here – bit 1

hey folks 🙂 So good to be back amongst you and to see what you’ve been doing and making and sharing. I love your beautiful minds and words and colours  – thank you all for being here!



Y’know the one where life gets so full that some of it sloshes over the edges? I guess those bits don’t get lost; they just mix n mingle in the briny blend in which we bob.

meh - whatevs
meh – whatevs

I’m casting about back and forth, recalling some of the happenings of the intervening months since we last convened. Convened properly, I mean.

gelli print joy
gelli print joy

If I said gelli plate you’d know where some chunks of the time have fallen off 😉 But oh, so, sooo much more too….

Mrs Skinner, the mannequin, nestled in her natural surroundings
Mrs Skinner, the mannequin, nestled in her natural surroundings

A change of home, a change of priorities, some big lifestyle shifts – some very  literal, some more figurative.

boxing, unboxing, reboxing… no time to think

A lot of worse before it gets better

wait up, did I think this through…?

Daunted, doubtful, but deliberate and determined

hidden beauty in the strangest places
hidden beauty in the strangest places
Mmmmm, texture.... art is where you find it.
Mmmmm, texture…. art is where you find it.

The biggest art project to date: my new life.