I love sets of things, I love arrangements & collections. When I hear a song I love, I have to scurry off as soon as I can to find the album it's from, find the artist, track down the other tracks. Fall in love again. When my eyes are magnetised by a piece of art, I race to seek … Continue reading Collections

5 Stages of Creative Obsession

I'm working on a new project. It's SO Much Fun! It really crept up on me, without realizing I'd run the full gamut of the 5 stages of taking on a new and seemingly unlikely creative obsession What the...? Why would someone do that? That makes no sense to me... I'm not one to judge, … Continue reading 5 Stages of Creative Obsession

obsessions de jour

Hey folks - Happy Holidays to you all! We've had a lot of dark, gloomy, rainful days here. Not a big grumble, weather happens, but the half-arsed grey wet daylight has severely hampered my ability to any good photos lately. This week, finally I got a few pics of my latest adventures and obsessions! When … Continue reading obsessions de jour