Flashback: Color, Color, Color!

Last year I had the great pleasure of producing an online class for 21 Secrets all about color. (If you know my art - you'll know this is my thing!) In the class I teach you how to make a really fun variation on a color wheel, using collage and mixed media painting techniques, to … Continue reading Flashback: Color, Color, Color!

tick.. tick.. tick…

I don't want you to miss out: today is the last day you can join TWELVTY! What is TWELVTY? It's an adventure in color that runs throughout 2017. It's an enormous feast of resources to inspire your creative practice. It's an insight into my creative practice with weekly newsletters and videos. It's a community of … Continue reading tick.. tick.. tick…

New Color Fuelled Excitements!

I've got big plans brewing and I want to tell you all about them! Beginning with (drum roll and accompanying cooing noises, if you will) "TWELVTY" ok, that's a working title... I'll tell you a little more about it and perhaps you'll have some better ideas on a name! So here's the thing: 5 years ago … Continue reading New Color Fuelled Excitements!

which color?

If you only had one color to use, which would it be? Or how about just two or three? Do you find you have a handful of colors that you tend to stick with? The colors your comfort zone is decorated in? Ever fancied straying outside this palette but not known where to begin? How about an encouraging … Continue reading which color?