day last-but-one

While I was playing with my new inks last week, I developed some of these experiments on Thursday's and Friday's pages With a thick coating of white gesso on part of the page, scribed with pencil for deep furrows of swirl, the inks had routes to wander around and new routes made with small watercolor … Continue reading day last-but-one


The range of colors, the colors themselves, all add up to a mood or visual sensation. By changing the hues, we change much more. Restricting colors (I find this a BIG challenge!) is a technique I am striving towards. When space limits me to work on just one project at time, the Inner Kid won't … Continue reading subtlety

The Spirit of Fizzing Zing

I don't think any of us are surprised to find, that after a monochrome day there was a pent up explosion of color just ready to burst out of my head onto the page! Dripped ink puddles on the page But before the top layer of writing /doodles, these puddles need *something* They need some … Continue reading The Spirit of Fizzing Zing

Monochrome Monday

I've thought about a black and white page for a while. I've even tried. But resisting any color at all was harder than I cared to admit! Anyway, prompted by John Clinock of Art Rat Cafe I determined to give it another go. Armed just with black and white gesso, black and white Dr PH … Continue reading Monochrome Monday

Mixed Mish Mash

This weekend I spent playing with ink on gesso and acrylic medium. Dripping, spraying, dribbling and seeing where the runs take it. On wet and dry gesso, ink on wet inks, ink mixed in with medium, water on dry inks... all sorts of permutations. The circles in the gesso came from the end of the … Continue reading Mixed Mish Mash

ink runs

Two pages in one post, Playing with ink never tires, never gets samey, never ceases to amuse me. Alternating between transparent, opaque, and water in drips and runs, watching the pigments flow and merge; Pulling at the puddle edges with a brush or pen or stick... imprinting in wet ink... Big love for ink!

ink dribbles

Remember the watermarked dyed paper ? This week I've been playing with ink (quite a lot!) So it followed that where water does one thing, ink should do similar but with more colorful results! I used Pebeo Colorex ink (Chartreuse. My fav color de jour!) they have a real glowing transparency and mouth-wateringly rich color! … Continue reading ink dribbles

the other side of the folds

The other side of day / page 40 had folds already in place from which to make structure. These created rectangles in which to hold doodles. It was another page that spilled into its neighbour, repeated shapes formed along the far edge along with inky grass-green spillage and over spray. Coming together as a whole, … Continue reading the other side of the folds

Another Monday Thing

This Monday's thing was folding.I like the way that colors puddle and travel along the folds. (I say that like every Monday has a special 'thing'. It doesn't. I am fond of Mondays though.) It's popular to have a strong dislike for Mondays. They signify the end of the weekend (which we are supposed to … Continue reading Another Monday Thing