Time Shrinkage

Today we reached the quarter way mark, day 25 of the #100dayproject. To celebrate I've joined up the videos of the first layers of the first canvas I began working on. It's still a work in progress, but already it's been through so many evolutions.

Flashback: Color, Color, Color!

Last year I had the great pleasure of producing an online class for 21 Secrets all about color. (If you know my art - you'll know this is my thing!) In the class I teach you how to make a really fun variation on a color wheel, using collage and mixed media painting techniques, to … Continue reading Flashback: Color, Color, Color!

What 3 months of color looks like…

These are the art journal pages from the first three months of Twelvty: This is the story so far. January: Yellow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugBVkGX7JZA   When I look at these pages I'm whisked back the to adventures and explorations of the first month of this year long adventure. Using just one color brings out nuances and subtleties … Continue reading What 3 months of color looks like…

that time again! (1 of 2)

Looking back at things I made in 12 months makes the year stretch back further. January feels like a lifetime ago now... My 2016 in art journalling has looked like this January February March April May June The tail of the year, the time to look back & look forward, funny cos in so many ways … Continue reading that time again! (1 of 2)

New Color Fuelled Excitements!

I've got big plans brewing and I want to tell you all about them! Beginning with (drum roll and accompanying cooing noises, if you will) "TWELVTY" ok, that's a working title... I'll tell you a little more about it and perhaps you'll have some better ideas on a name! So here's the thing: 5 years ago … Continue reading New Color Fuelled Excitements!

knowing when

I've heard it said the key to painting is knowing when to stop. Conversely, it's also important (to my mind) to know when to keep going.  How many abandoned sketches and paintings are there in the world? I would guess a great many more than those that finished (or past that point). My current art journal is … Continue reading knowing when

Colour bomb 28/52

This week was full of colour. Dabs and daubs. Layer on layer on layer on layer on layer... https://vimeo.com/133919353 Eyes and spirals and circles and more... Building up over and over and over and more and deeper and lusher and more. That's the sorta week it was.

reflecting ‘so much more’ 27/52

Every week I create something. Some weeks I create more. In fact - most days I create loads - but in terms of the tangible, the painty reality, every week of this year I am creating at least one something: One page of One book of One year I'm over half way in now, and … Continue reading reflecting ‘so much more’ 27/52

The Gestalt is Revealed 24/52

"To see patterns is to understand." Do you know Jason Silva? He's media artist, futurist, philosopher, he's a ball of frenetic energy and enthusiasm and with a magnificent mastery of descriptive language he spills this energy out into the internet in Shots of Awe. I like Jason Silva a LOT. I was listening to him … Continue reading The Gestalt is Revealed 24/52

Evolution of a Ideas

I love the dance between the digital and the analog. Set the pixels in place, print and then set to with the tools of a previous age: Actual cutting with actual scissors Actual mess  with actual paste. The combination of these colours and the sheen of the medium have given her heads a pearly purity. (And … Continue reading Evolution of a Ideas