oddments & day bits

If I could add up all these bit of days, these odd hours I find wanting for what to do. Many nights I find a fragment between 2 & 4 am. Then there's bits of afternoons as well. Bits of uncertain waiting. Placeless snips and snaps. Trimmed minutes at the end of one thing, before … Continue reading oddments & day bits

Hi Folks!

Lordy, where has the time gone since I last posted....? I've missed our chats. Student life is going from strength to strength - initial doubts replaced by a deep joy of the challenges. This week has been 'reading week' so college was closed, I've caught up on the day job & finally replaced my creaky … Continue reading Hi Folks!

Quilt update

Although I'm still painting and all - this quilt is obsession de jour. There's a real autumnal feel in the air the last couple of days - so stitching away! Having trimmed, washed, de-fluffed and thoroughly considered my stacks of velvet patches I deceid the best way forward would be to take the smallest length … Continue reading Quilt update

Quilty Time

See what I did there? *snigger* September's just round the corner and me and the Inner Kid are looking forward to some cosiness. We reeeeeally want a velvet quilt in which to snuggle. Now, something like 15 years ago we made one. It was a patchwork of scavanged velvet from car boot sales and charity … Continue reading Quilty Time

gathering momentum: destination unknown

But who cares? it's the journey that's the fun bit, who cares where we end up! The dyed paper things are growing and multiplying. (They kept me up really late last night ...Love them, but they're so moorish!) πŸ˜‰