never say never (ever)

If there's one thing that will motivate me into action, it's being told that I can't do something. Even (or especially) when the person doing the telling is me. In reaction to a phrase in my last post "When space limits me to work on just one project at time..." Uha, really? I went on … Continue reading never say never (ever)

ink runs

Two pages in one post, Playing with ink never tires, never gets samey, never ceases to amuse me. Alternating between transparent, opaque, and water in drips and runs, watching the pigments flow and merge; Pulling at the puddle edges with a brush or pen or stick... imprinting in wet ink... Big love for ink!

ink dribbles

Remember the watermarked dyed paper ? This week I've been playing with ink (quite a lot!) So it followed that where water does one thing, ink should do similar but with more colorful results! I used Pebeo Colorex ink (Chartreuse. My fav color de jour!) they have a real glowing transparency and mouth-wateringly rich color! … Continue reading ink dribbles