This morning I launched my newest project - a year full of color - "TWELVTY" All as scheduled, 9am my time, so the early wee hours for the cross-pond recipients. Each month this year has it's own color: January is yellow, and it's flooding my thoughts. It's the sunrise of a new project.  The idea came to me just a … Continue reading Dawn

A Treasure Hunt

Yesterpost I shared an exploration into the evolution of an abstract photo. If you liked that, you might like this too: My regular post on Dirty Footprints Studio  gives a bit of insight into the process of gathering these images. Happy idea-gathering, folks 🙂

shape shadows

We don't always need fancy art materials, expensive equipment, or a vast amount of space for art.... I made this from galvanised garden wire, fuse wire & pliers, light and shadows I love the way the forms merge with the shadows!

colorful excitement!

Hey folks! Today I took a bunch of my stuffs into college to use the photo studio - so I now have some properly lit pics to show you! There's nothing to beat having a real expert set up the lighting and lend you their really good camera! I've been invited to show some of … Continue reading colorful excitement!

thoughts of the moment…

In the accidental gap year I found myself in last year, I determined myself to continue learning. I absorbed a wonderous feast of inspiration and enthusiam from the good folks of the internet. Yes, that includes you. I thank you sincerely. I collected and devoured books and articles, blogs, tutorials and galleries (online and off). … Continue reading thoughts of the moment…

corridor of doors

I love metaphors. In my world knowledge presents itself as a corrridor full of doors. Some are locked, Some seemingly lead nowhere. Keep on moving, keep trying the doors. Many lead to another corridor. All these corridors are full of doors. But gotta keep trying... Today's door opened to everything there is to photography beyond … Continue reading corridor of doors

Monday morning theme: Where to begin ?!

I know I'll need to get the otherside of another cup of coffee before things start making sense today, what's what and where to go isn't making much sense yet! I've built up a few days worth of photos to share with you, even cropped them down and renamed them, but in so doing I … Continue reading Monday morning theme: Where to begin ?!

off on a tangent & happy accidents

Using a blank page from my sketchbook to work on for the paper dying episodes has a threefold purpose: It's a nice clean white (to begin with, at least) backdrop to photograph and record work in progress. A3 size book, opened up is a good sized working area. It protects my work surface (for now, … Continue reading off on a tangent & happy accidents