day 9: 12 days of Twelvty

The 12 colors:12 months project of 2017 plays back in the last 12 days of the year. Today: Red

day 8: 12 days of Twelvty

2017 is my year full of color, the last 12 days I look back at the 12 colors in 12 months that was TWELVTY. Today: Red-Violet

Happy landings, shininess

a few days ago I landed in Seattle, and I fell in love with the place. Not least for the Seattle Center which includes the Experience Music Project - the EMP Museum - the most amazingly shiny building I've ever encountered - which I spent a good hour or so just circling and photographing while oohing and … Continue reading Happy landings, shininess

derailed logic

You know me well enough by now - you know not to expect a simple train of logic, don't you? When I found this anonymous model, the leopardskin, that sultry seductive look, and all the glamour of the 1940's 'do -- and I don't remember the exact connecting train of thought that same next -- I just straight away … Continue reading derailed logic

Create Your Own Map (22/52)

This recurring instruction: Create Your Own Map. It's what I'm endeavoring to do. I'm mapping my way as I go. I document when I remember, I share when I think it might help. Starting out in the usual fashion: Colours and curls, Cut outs, collaging the inconsequential, daubs, dabs, smudgy smear. State the intention. Then … Continue reading Create Your Own Map (22/52)

Note to Self: 17/52

Sometimes I'll hear or read something I like, I have to write it down. Write it down quick before it escapes. Trap it. The weekly art journal is often to hand, and when the current week is getting full, I'll drop in these new words somewhere in the future pages. Then when that week rolls … Continue reading Note to Self: 17/52

butterfly overflow (9/52)

Week 9 of this year is made out of the colours of Spring, honoring the sense of Spring as the world comes back to life after her quiet  dormant months. And some of last week's butterflies have flitted across into this week too. I had a big old tidy up after finishing that project and … Continue reading butterfly overflow (9/52)

New Beginnings

It's that time of year, time of life, time of day.. it's also the name of an exhibition I have some work in. The title is open to interpretation but it got me thinking about the saying What the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly. So with my fav … Continue reading New Beginnings