Happy endings

Ingredients: Paper. I can recommend a HP940C printer manual, but guess anything made out of paper would do just as well 😉 Procion dye. Super vivid colors. I used Magenta and Yellow. Brusho. (Or any ink). I chose Brusho for it's intense colors Spray inks - like dylusions or Ranger color wash. Or any ink … Continue reading Happy endings

dripping with extra texture

Another part of the process with the now familiar printer manual: Scrumpling! Both before and after the inky stage, scrumpling the paper helps it dry unevenly Uneven drying makes for gorgeous textural effects. With sharp folds the fibres of the paper is damaged just enough to make it super absorbant, and make for darker lines … Continue reading dripping with extra texture

unlikely treasure

..buried in the paper recycling box (I was scuffling about for envelopes and scraps to dye) - when I found this: No. Haven't uploaded the wrong photo. It is the manual to my faithful old printer. (11 years old, some bits have fallen off, but still working, I digress.) The treasure is in the 7/8 … Continue reading unlikely treasure