a day in a page, part last.

The disparate parts of today's page are beginning to merge and sit comforatbly in each other's company. The only things we need now are the doodles Light and Dark - Black and White - We Need To Doodle!! .........................and now to bed! G'night all X

a day in a page, part 3b

Sorry folks, unkind to leave you dangling. Dangling? Yes! Here - on the brink of painted catastrophe! ....daubing and splashing... still no idea where this is going now.... it's just so busy, so freeform jazz, so focus-less. Enough! cries IK. I need new and I need different! I need solid edges and flat color! I … Continue reading a day in a page, part 3b

a day in a page, part 3

Here's kinda where we left off earlier, the coffee has soaked in and the general consistency of the page is still damp and squodgy. Time for paint! Inner Kid is impatient with all this waiting, drying, waiting, so we press on: Paint and drippy ink. And more purple again! More splatter! More messy! More!!! In … Continue reading a day in a page, part 3

A day in a page, part 2 of part 2

Remember the fantastic ink squirting device from earlier today? Well here it returns but with even more ridiculous proportions. We needed red instead of yellow, which meant draining the yellow out of the squirty-bit. Never wanting to waste color, we released the residue onto tomorrow's page. Tomorrow's page was temporary resting place for the palette … Continue reading A day in a page, part 2 of part 2

a day in a page, part 2

With a good thick layer of textures heaped onto the page, we really wanted it to look ... well... less of a shambles and splattering, squirting, dripping and flicking color at it seemed the most fun way to proceed. Much love for the infinite ways that different materials soak, absorb, repel, or seem indifferent towards … Continue reading a day in a page, part 2

a day in a page

me and the inner kid had some chores this morning, but we tempered this by including a 'raid the stationery drawer' moment in the office (old sticky labels... MINE! semi-dryed up highlighter pens...MINE!. We got nice fresh walnut bread and bananas on the market, we got chocolate... Back home to play! Now! Texture demands IK. … Continue reading a day in a page

Quality time…

It's August Holiday weekend, just about 24 hours into my holiday. From finishing work on Friday through to Tuesday morning, I am off duty from day-to-day doings and beings. I'm staying home, and I'm having some quality time with someone very dear to my heart: my Inner Kid. We are both very excited about this. … Continue reading Quality time…