on a quiet day

Just a couple of weeks ago I found myself cutting out shapes from magazine pages and scrap paper. Nothing particular in mind, just another odd compulsion. But I've been me all these years now, I'm used to this, I don't give it another thought. Some good will come of it. Meanwhile, I've got a heap of … Continue reading on a quiet day

Holy Aphorisms, Batman!

I love a snappy aphorism, some pertinent thought inspiring little snippet of wisdom. Spend any time at all on facebook, pinterest, or the like, and you'll be up to your armpits in them before you've realised. And, like anything, they can get a bit indigestable en masse like this. That's why this made me smile … Continue reading Holy Aphorisms, Batman!

scrap-driven pages

Working in the way I do generates a lot of scraps and offcuts. There are days (most of them) when I have no idea where to begin or how the page will look. The scraps often decide this for me, and Day 33 is pure 100% scrap driven! Along with the scraps I make there … Continue reading scrap-driven pages


"Take care of the spaces, and the lines will take care of themselves" from Practical knowledge for all by Sir John Hammerton c1950 On seeing with a pencil. Drawing is a means of education, of training hand and eye. It quickens the powers of perception and gives scope to the inventive faculties. It trains the … Continue reading spaces

It’s simple: You take so…

It's simple: You take something and do something to it, and then you do something else to it. Keep doing this, and pretty soon you've got something

In adopting this premise put forward by Jasper Johns that to create is: 'take something and do something to it', and I like to suspend expectation, then just  'keep doing things'.

Popular wisdom cautions us that creation can go too far - ruined by not knowing when to stop, fidgeting and niggling the spontaneity and spirit away, from whence it cannot be reclaimed.

Unless you choose otherwise.

I'm playing with a new attitude.

One in which there cannot be a point where I step back and tell myself, after critical consideration: This is shit, this has failed, I can't do this, this is not what I planned, followed up by I give up. If, at the time I observe and consider progress, there is no judgement; either it's done, or it isn't.

And even if it is, maybe some more will be done to it another time.

It's all ephemeral.