Last month I declared my intent for a new phase of being me. The new rules? there are no rules. This is my age of unruliness!  So to start off I'm simplifying; I'm streamlining. I'm de-cluttering my life both  literally and figuratively. Honestly, permanently and fundamentally. It's proving a wrench to begin, if I'm honest about it, but … Continue reading unruliness

ink dribbles

Remember the watermarked dyed paper ? This week I've been playing with ink (quite a lot!) So it followed that where water does one thing, ink should do similar but with more colorful results! I used Pebeo Colorex ink (Chartreuse. My fav color de jour!) they have a real glowing transparency and mouth-wateringly rich color! … Continue reading ink dribbles

a day in a page, part 3b

Sorry folks, unkind to leave you dangling. Dangling? Yes! Here - on the brink of painted catastrophe! ....daubing and splashing... still no idea where this is going now.... it's just so busy, so freeform jazz, so focus-less. Enough! cries IK. I need new and I need different! I need solid edges and flat color! I … Continue reading a day in a page, part 3b

Page 23: The Gecko has landed.

Page 23: Ephemeral Gecko makes his first appearance in the page a day book! Nestled amongst the snippets of color.... winding his way through the stitches... he is camoflaged in the scene. But those papery toes are leading him onwards and upwards to adventures yet to come.

time marches forward

I was away for a couple of days, but the page a day project ticks along! Friday's page is here.... Being fascinated by mechanics, numbers and time, clocks are a constant source of interest to me. Over the years I've often incorporated clock faces in art, and I thought it was about time I had … Continue reading time marches forward