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“Soul Food” Book Launch Blog Tour & Giveaway

A few years ago I took a year long online course called IGNITE run by the lovely Connie Solera of Dirty Footprint Studio, the following year I was invited to return as a peer mentor to the new students through their year of learning and discovery.

In these two years I met some wonderful, inspiring, creative women from around the world, who have become great friends.

This is where I first met artist and writer Carol Lowell. I was entranced as I watched Carol’s idea for a book ‘Soul Food’ blossom and take shape. So I’m super excited to announce her book’s publication, and to have her as my guest to tell you more about it.

Soul-Food-by-carol-lowell-1000X1000-Clear-BG (1)Meditative-Mandala-Making-by-carol-lowell-1000X1000-Clear-BG

Dear friends, please meet Carol Lowell of Kindred Spirit Studio

Thanks for hosting me, Mixy!  I’m excited to share with you and your audience my new book “Soul Food”, the contest and Free Book Offer that goes along with my upcoming book launch March 26, 27, 28 on and, for International orders, on my website!


It is a passion of mine, and most of the artists I know. We all have our favourite colours that we are drawn to time and again, yet every colour tells and inspires a story all its own.


When I was a kid, settling on a favourite colour was way too limiting. So I chose rainbows! And the collection of rainbow items began … pillows and bedding, mugs and stationery … even a pair of denim overalls (does this date me?). The magic in nature where light refracted through raindrops, or crystals, creating this wonder of colour made my heart swell. It still does!

Our natural world brings so many treasures and delights … feasts for our eyes! But we need to create time and stillness to be aware of all the magic that not only surrounds us, but is within us.

A Journey of Self Discovery – Using Colour

In my book, “Soul Food” I wanted to support people, whether they are artists or not, to create a daily practice that allows them to know themselves better and to get in touch with their hearts. Having fun playing with colour is a key to following your heart.

Choosing Full Colour

When I created my book, Soul Food, I knew from the start that I wanted it to be in full colour … to welcome the participants. It is just too yummy in full colour!!

As a self-published author/artist, the cost of 312 pages of full colour was pretty massive. But I would not compromise, and so I followed my heart and did what I knew in my heart mattered. The pages of Soul Food, that welcome and encourage the mark-making of the book’s owner, bringing their own sense of colour, is just what this book is for. The journey of discovery is as unique as each one of us. And each Soul Food book, will uniquely reflect its owner.

Mixy loves colour too!

Her year-long online course, Twelvty, confirms her dedication and understanding of colour. She encourages and inspires her own version of self discovery through the deep-dive into colour. And Mixy’s various feasts for the eyes are so yummy too! I am grateful to be participating on this journey with her and other creative souls.

May bringing colour into your daily life inspire you, bring pleasures and even, perhaps, make your heart swell. This is just some of the magic available to us when we pay attention!

With love and best wishes,

Carol signature transparent back

About “Soul Food”

Soul-Food-by-carol-lowell-1000X1000-Clear-BG (1)

Soul Food is a 90 Day Journey of Self Discovery While Building Nourishing Habits

Soul Food is an interactive “play book” to help establish heart-centred habits in a gentle and positive way.

The first 30 days focuses attention on gratitudes, doing something you love, your Top 3 Priorities for the day, as well as some mandala colouring to help relax and rejuvenate you.

The next 30 days expands the practice by adding body and health focus, as well as a beginning meditation practice.

From there, the final 30 days builds another layer of your foundational practice by adding daily journaling prompts to take you even further inward for some soul reflection.  Towards the final days, you have the opportunity to create your own mandala designs.

Each month, as you gradually and progressively build on the previous month’s groundwork, you can easily deepen your communication within. You will discover your soul voice that is as unique as you are.

After 90 days, you will have created a daily practice that suits you, your interests, and your schedule. Each book will become as unique as the person working through it and making their marks. Most important of all is who you will become while on this journey!!

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About the Author

I am a mixed-media artist, author, life coach, quilter, photographer, book maker, wife, mom and explorer who lives in North Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Carol Lowell Portrait

Through the regular practice of creative endeavours and connecting to our spirit, I know that we can embrace and live our best life… through the expression of our unique gifts… our soul voice. It is my desire to help others find that voice and to give it strength, courage and love.

As someone who loves to gather and to share, I live by the mottos “The More, The Merrier” and “The More We Give, The More We Receive”.

My greatest passions are my family, the discovery of new things, and living with an adventurous spirit. I love to encourage others to find what makes their heart sing and to live from that soul-centred place… a place I try to always reside.

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The more times you enter, the better chance you have of winning 1 of the 3 free copies of “Soul Food”. When you purchase a copy of “Soul Food” during the book launch dates of March 26, 27, 28, you will be sent a copy of my eBook “Meditative Mandala Making”! This is a companion book to “Soul Food” and walks you through the process of making your own mandalas.

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Sometimes I take sideways look.

A change of perspective is refreshing and replenishing.

I’ve always surrounded myself in color, it lights me up and brings with it so many of my ideas.

And I love contrast.

I’m someone who thrives on change and novelty. I bounce along with the momentum. So alongside all the bright clashing colors I wrap every day in, I get a big zing from zebra stripes, dalmatian dots, and nothingy neutrals too.

So here I am.

After 3 months of prepping and planning and immersing myself in TWELVTY the year full of color, followed by a frantic fantastic cram-it-all-in-three-day-trip to the color-drenched delight that is Barcelona (more on that in a future post) my eyes and mind were full to bursting of full color.

I had to restore some balance before I could move forward.

Which is why, earlier this week, when I was up to my elbows in deadlines and adulting duties I had to spend time making this.

For so many reasons.

So, so many.

A slow learned life lesson for me has been fully grasping the importance of taking a few hours out of a really full day – counter-intuitive as it may seem – as this time will more than repay itself. Always.

It replaces the hours otherwise spent spinning aimlessly between tasks in the appearance of being really busy but not achieving anything. Apart from more confusion.

Cos while I work like that I only get bits of jobs dome, I don’t remember where I left off and have to do them again anyways. And it’s exhausting.

Y’know the old saying:
Too busy to find 10 minutes a day for mediation? Then you need to meditate an hour a day.
It’s how it works. 

So I made this.

The book I used is the art journal I’m working in throughout TWELVTY. Each month this year, which is dedicated to its own color, has a few pages for single colored doodles.  At the end of the year it will be a rainbow of mixed media, not unlike this.

I used a page toward the end, so in a few months time when its time arrives I’ll add some color to it. (Some time in the autumn, which will be in the Orangey-Red season – watch this space!)

Want to see this all coming into life? Here it is…

What’s your best way to keep swimming through the chaos every day life keeps throwing at you?

Have you got a creative practice that’s a sanctuary for your soul? I’d love to know.  

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