daily learning

Do you have daily practices? I kinda do, but my progress moves like a caterpillar - that scrunching-stretching motion, so while it averages out as daily, it might not always be technically daily. This is the thing: - I'm acknowledging this now instead of berating myself. I'm learning my rhythms and working within them.  I'm letting the process … Continue reading daily learning

365 self love update

The pace of this project is slow but steady, marching through time at 1 inch per day. And already since the start of the year it's a past the first page. And the book is teaching me lessons already: Page one's squares were measured and neatly spaced. Page two's are are more in keeping with … Continue reading 365 self love update

3 weeks: 5 realisations

3 weeks into this year, I'm learning to adapt to this new structure that's unfolding. I live by metaphors, they are the framework of all my understanding. The skeleton on which I hang my beliefs and theories. Since January 1st 2016 I've filled one of these 1" squares each day. They are in a book with enough … Continue reading 3 weeks: 5 realisations

wobbling, blurry…

It's all metaphors, right? As I look at what I do I try to pick out clues as to what I mean and feel and understand. Already in week two of this selflove365 day project (and LOVING it, btw). The pictures are fuzzy. They mirror the way I'm fumbling my way into the new year and this new project. I'm … Continue reading wobbling, blurry…

jumping across

I'm not rushing or hustling the old year out, I'm not one to wish my days away, but I am dipping newest thoughts into next month already. Next month - Next year - Next incarnation of being me in this life.  While I'm indifferent to the big new years fuss that happens around midnight on 31 December, I … Continue reading jumping across