Scraps of Serendipity

How to make a decision, how to avoid paralysis of overhwelm, when there are a hundred gazillion options, how does that work? Cos here we are, right, in the 21st Century, and if you're reading this I'm figuring you're someplace a little bit like here.Β A place where art supplies are available in more colours, more … Continue reading Scraps of Serendipity

Grace (14/52)

Have you ever been followed about by a word? Not a new word, just a word you haven't noticed much before... then it seems to crop up all over the place? It keeps dropping into conversation and reading. See, there she is again. I wanted to check against my imagination... is this really happening? But … Continue reading Grace (14/52)

2/52 Dream Big

One of the purposes of this weekly art journal is to offload some of the stuff I pick up through what I read and hear. Already I'm feeling the benefit of unburdening my busy head! I might never need to read these things again, but it's a way of filtering them out of my internal … Continue reading 2/52 Dream Big

Signs Everywhere

If I said you: look up from the screen, look about you for something blue. You'd look cast your gaze about and suddenly so many things in your field of vision are blue. You never noticed how many blue things there are about, right? It's not a blue thing thing, it's a noticing thing. Until … Continue reading Signs Everywhere

2015: Setting the Scene

Striding into January, this first Monday always has a first day back feel. Back to school, back to work, back to routine... and I love it. That fortnight of chaos just makes me relish the normal I'm all amped up and ready to run. Sure, I've got dull stuff to contrast with the fun, but … Continue reading 2015: Setting the Scene

Thought forms

This is one where I'm beginning in the middle. I'll catch you up on the beginning next, but let's start off here, just coz I feel like it. Thoughtforms are a series of relief collages I'm making from the dyed paper (way back... remember the dyed paper?) and the don't-know-why-but-compelled-to-keep-making-them funny little colored rectangle things. … Continue reading Thought forms

Ephemeral Gecko

If you've been following these posts you've maybe wondered about the name. So I'll let you into a little secret... Ephemeral Gecko resulted from pairs of fave words randomly combined til I hit on a combination that yeilded no Googlings. In a serendipitous way, the 2 words seemed suited to their purpose: Sharing the fleetingly … Continue reading Ephemeral Gecko


Serendipity [noun] "an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident." I think this sums up so much of what I do. Yesterday's post about recycling was a tangent I wandered down when thinking about how the collage pieces I make come into being. Paper is readily recyclable these days (indeed it's often recycled when it's … Continue reading serendipity