Sketchbook Project 2020

This is my 3rd year of taking part in The Sketchbook Project.
(You can see my previous books here & here)

I fill these pages in the spare bits of time in between other things, so they become a visual stream of consciousness, garnished with bits of stuff, collaged scraps of whatever’s on my desk, they come to represent a snapshot of the season’s projects and ideas.

I scribble down words I hear in song lyrics, audio books and podcasts, there are phrases and words snipped from magazines, landing together to create found poetry and serendipitous sentences.

Faces emerge from the blobs of color, the torn paper shapes and the negative space in between.

It’s weird, it shouldn’t work, but it all seems to come together in a way I never could have predicted.

I can’t tell you how much fun I had with this book.

These are the pages that have been brightening up my long dark days of winter. As we’ve reached the shortest day I’m calling this project finished and ready to move on to all that comes next.

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2019 Sketchbook Project

This year’s contribution to the Brooklyn Art Library’s Sketchbook Project got filled with a great outpouring of ideas in the final couple of weeks before the deadline.

The book itself had been sitting on my desk, quietly waiting for months. Since the start of this year I got waylaid from almost everything else in the studio by the epic paper dying experiments.

I knew, as the weeks ticked by, that I’d be spending those last days in a flurry of paint and collage bits, stitching in new pages and sequins, hidden notes, and whatever else was flooding out of my thoughts onto the pages.

My first idea was to extend my ink dying experiments directly into these pages, but the paper of the sketchbook doesn’t absorb the ink the same way and it just wasn’t working how I wanted it to.

So instead I adapted the ink splotches, like finding patterns in the clouds, I found faces and magical made up animals in the splashes.

On the Library Shelf…

For all you folks local to New York (or passing through) – this book can now be found on the shelves of the Brooklyn Art Library, with a call number of: 360.55-6

Digitised Version…

In a few weeks time my book will be scanned and digitised to see online (like last years, which you can see here).

But you really need to see in her motion to get a sense of her cut out pages, her frills and flounces…

Because sometimes ink blob people and creatures aren’t enough…

Sometimes you need to stitch in extra pages, fold out bits, with secret notes, meaningless messages and nonsense.

So the next best thing to a trip to Brooklyn to meet this creation, is this little filmed flip through I made you.

(If you already saw the first flip through – this is a longer version – with close ups and all!)

While I’m still buzzing on the high of making this book, I’m channeling this energy into daily pages for the #100dayproject which you can follow over on Instagram.

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Sketchbook Project Flip Through

The journey to fill up my book for the 2018 Sketchbook Project was almost as convoluted as the pages themselves. This is the Mixiest of mixed media!

If you find yourself in Brooklyn, you can see this IRL shelved at the address: 348.59-2 in the Art Library   There’s a digitized version to see on their site too.

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To Brooklyn and beyond!

Since last summer when it arrived,  I was chasing my tail with ideas for this project. Three days before the deadline I declared it finished and posted it off to its new home in Brooklyn Art Library.

IMG_1004You might remember my first ‘best laid’ plans disintegrated along with the pages of this book on contact with watercolor.



Having decided to rebind the book in delicious watercolor paper I went off track from my plan and ended up making a bunch of pretty doodles in watercolor, that were fun to make but missed the point of what I wanted to make, and the rebound book sat on my desk for a while in a state of finished-but-no-finished.

Something didn’t feel right.


I couldn’t get myself to film a flip through until when I finally did the edit went all catawompus. I was standing in my own way to package it up to post, to take those last steps.

It felt too mimsy and not very Mixy.

I kept coming back to the thought that if this is going into a collection that can be seen by anyone and possibly by no-one. In a library of + 36,000 books it should, nonetheless, be representative of what I am.

It should be more me.

A little over a week before the deadline to post it off I was awoken by vivid dreams telling me to begin again: Go back to my first idea. Do it now.

I got up that morning and tore out the fancy watercolor paper pages.

For reasons unknown to me up until then I’d kept those first pages. The original paper with holes where the paint seeped through, with scratchy ballpoint lines and un-erasable pencil lines underneath.


The "Wandering Doodle"
The “Wandering Doodle” as I called it, best seen like this, photoshopped together, it carries a line of wiggles and squiggles throughout the book.



The voice in my dream was saying IT’S A SKETCHBOOK. It’s meant to be sketchy. It’s meant to be about ideas, not nice paintings. 

I needed to work around the worn through holes, paint over and collage around the layers of ideas. I needed to fill the book with the thoughts and words and shapes that were torrenting around in my head. That’s the point of a sketchbook. That’s what sketching is.


I spent that weekend sat on the floor of my studio, surrounded with collage cuttings and clippings, paints, pens and inks.

I doodled my little heart out.

I sewed in sequins and  crocheted page edges.

I rebound the old pages along with drawings I made decades ago. I poured in words that floated through from podcasts and song lyrics as I went.



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