Mixed Mish Mash

This weekend I spent playing with ink on gesso and acrylic medium. Dripping, spraying, dribbling and seeing where the runs take it. On wet and dry gesso, ink on wet inks, ink mixed in with medium, water on dry inks... all sorts of permutations. The circles in the gesso came from the end of the … Continue reading Mixed Mish Mash

a day in a page, part last.

The disparate parts of today's page are beginning to merge and sit comforatbly in each other's company. The only things we need now are the doodles Light and Dark - Black and White - We Need To Doodle!! .........................and now to bed! G'night all X

a day in a page, part 3

Here's kinda where we left off earlier, the coffee has soaked in and the general consistency of the page is still damp and squodgy. Time for paint! Inner Kid is impatient with all this waiting, drying, waiting, so we press on: Paint and drippy ink. And more purple again! More splatter! More messy! More!!! In … Continue reading a day in a page, part 3

Frisket stencils part 2

I left the Frisket Stencils overnight, and yesterday morning I unpeeled the results... See what I mean about the deckled edges? See close up, there's the trace of an outline where the colors bled under the stencil. At a midway point in the process I added more stencils over the already colored page, it's made … Continue reading Frisket stencils part 2

Frisket stencils, part 1

I do love stencils, and after watching this vid from Julie Pritchard and Chris Cozens I was inspired to follow their technique using my own stencils. (I especially like the way they recycle the colors from the stencils onto tissue paper to reuse later on in collages) So, I got myself some Frisket Film (if … Continue reading Frisket stencils, part 1

visual echos

Thursday's page focused on utilising bits of the dyed paper through stacking n stitching, to exploring cut and torn shapes The echoing shapes from previous pages are now just indentations. To continue the theme of the swirling frond shape that has lasted all week I cut a stencil from acetate and used this with ink … Continue reading visual echos

a journey through color

As the cut out shapes from Sunday echo through the pages, Tuesday bore the same linear curves and disconnected egdes through which a glimpse  of  Thursday... Much coloring, inking, paint splatting later, the page evolves through different color groups and combinations. A journey of a day! 🙂

day of the ephemeral dragon

When I was doing the paper dying thing I was using future pages of sketchbook to catch the drips. Today this page came round. Pleasant in itself, but that was then. The nature of this is to be ephemeral, fleeting, evolving. This page belongs to today: time to change. Skipping over the stages I forgot … Continue reading day of the ephemeral dragon

watching paint dry

...and photographing it! As I type to you the final drippings and runnings of this page a doing their thing, which give me the chance to show you some more bits of page. After scribbly ink and doodles I wanted to knock back some of the busy color and detail, which I did with a … Continue reading watching paint dry

paper dying, part two

Last night I left the marinaded paper ready to sweat by the rad...Today's weather has supported my efforts by being quite cold, justifying use of central heating to warm room as well as dry my doings from yesterday.Carefully unpeeling the layers to get some air flow, I then sorted then into heaps to finish drying … Continue reading paper dying, part two