Chapter Next: Mirage

Some the pages in my altered book are already conveniently titled. The book began as an orphaned volume of short stories, and some of the tales' titles just appealed too much to cover up. Doesn't Mirage just conjure such magic? I haven't embarked on any of these pages with a plan. Planning just isn't in … Continue reading Chapter Next: Mirage

Water In Parallel (part 4)

The story so far, has lead us to this point Now, if you know me at all, you'll understand that I need colour like I need coffee, sleep and oxygen. So while the peeling back process had restored some of the original brightness, it's not enough for me. I'm getting hungry for colour and there's … Continue reading Water In Parallel (part 4)

wishful painting

the wish book continues the modelling paste and stencil thing has been a recent obsession so my pages are getting lumpier, but in a pleasingly ordered, symmetrical way! Mmmmm, snippy paper bits too. Lots of them. and as though to reiterate. (Yes, that H does look upsidedown, I thought that too)

a quick flurry!

Hey folks, I'm back! Not that I've been anywhere else, I've been right here inside your computer, I just haven't been getting the words and pictures out to you for a few weeks 😉 So here's a little round up since I last posted.......... Looking back over the last few weeks I can see it's … Continue reading a quick flurry!

hooked on stencils

well, one stencil in particular, is obsession de jour. Day 17 was full of color and torn dyed paper shapes. And then... Day 18, manic stencilling recommenced! Day 19 ...and on... Day 20. Today is Day 21. And I've resisted stencilling!! Too dark to get good pics now, so you'll have to take my word … Continue reading hooked on stencils

as one book closes, another opens

On friday I came to the final page of the page a day project. And the first page of a new book! I've downsized for practicality - but every day has a double page spread so in terms of square inchage I have a little more area to cover daily. Page 1/day 1 came with … Continue reading as one book closes, another opens

Mesh Mess

Y'know that sticky mesh tape stuff you stick plaster board together with? Yeh, sure you do! Here it is... It's meant for healing up wounds in walls n ceilings, but I have a much better use for it. Made from fibreglass it's super-tough and water resistant, and the tape has just the right ickiness to … Continue reading Mesh Mess

Sat urday

With the rest of the alphabet stencils cut (ok... v, w, x, y, z aren't done yet... it's a bit fiddly and I wanted to get on and play!) today's page is all about sat sat saturday... Layering up the letters, positive and negative cut-outs Using a mix of acrylics, glazes, watercolors, gouache, pastels and … Continue reading Sat urday

Frisket stencils part 2

I left the Frisket Stencils overnight, and yesterday morning I unpeeled the results... See what I mean about the deckled edges? See close up, there's the trace of an outline where the colors bled under the stencil. At a midway point in the process I added more stencils over the already colored page, it's made … Continue reading Frisket stencils part 2