New Year: New Projects!

Day 2, and so far I'm quite liking 2013. It's demanded nothing to arduous from me. It's given me time to play with these square things! They're a work in progress, I think a little more to be done, then framing. More pics soons! 😀

never say never (ever)

If there's one thing that will motivate me into action, it's being told that I can't do something. Even (or especially) when the person doing the telling is me. In reaction to a phrase in my last post "When space limits me to work on just one project at time..." Uha, really? I went on … Continue reading never say never (ever)

ink dribbles

Remember the watermarked dyed paper ? This week I've been playing with ink (quite a lot!) So it followed that where water does one thing, ink should do similar but with more colorful results! I used Pebeo Colorex ink (Chartreuse. My fav color de jour!) they have a real glowing transparency and mouth-wateringly rich color! … Continue reading ink dribbles


"Take care of the spaces, and the lines will take care of themselves" from Practical knowledge for all by Sir John Hammerton c1950 On seeing with a pencil. Drawing is a means of education, of training hand and eye. It quickens the powers of perception and gives scope to the inventive faculties. It trains the … Continue reading spaces

visual echos

Thursday's page focused on utilising bits of the dyed paper through stacking n stitching, to exploring cut and torn shapes The echoing shapes from previous pages are now just indentations. To continue the theme of the swirling frond shape that has lasted all week I cut a stencil from acetate and used this with ink … Continue reading visual echos