"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." ~ George Bernard Shaw don't stop  😉

hatching plans…

I'm planning to put together a video showing the evolution of these pages. From their kinda ugly beginnings based on indecision - paint - no, pen - no this colour - no, blobs not spirals, no -wait, .... through the messy phase (phase!!) The bits that look more complicated than they really are (maybe) Over and … Continue reading hatching plans…

Time Hole (39/52)

I fell down another hole in time but it's All OK Now. I jumped. I was down there from some time, lurking (it happens from time to time. Do you do this too?) I've learned to TRUST I'll fumble my way out eventually. I follow my instincts and they lead me back to where I left off. … Continue reading Time Hole (39/52)

More Than The Sum Of Its Parts – Part 2

Yesterday I was telling you how Zak Smith's art was the starting point in this little project of mine. At the same show I got to see the work of another favorite artist IRL, Dominc McGill.   Again there's a lot of mono with splashes of color, intensified contrast. I love the mishmash of text … Continue reading More Than The Sum Of Its Parts – Part 2