100 lessons from 100 drawings

In no particular order, these are the realisations that accompanied this project. These were observations I heard over and over again in my thoughts, page after page...Β 

moments of reflection

I enjoy my work; I'm self-employed so my time can be flexible, and while it's not exciting it's challenging and variable enough to be interesting. I do my best not to snark when things don't go my way, cos I'm mindful that so many ppl don't have work, or have work that they relentlessly grumble … Continue reading moments of reflection

One Lovely Blogger

Big thank you to lovely blogger Not just a Mummy for the nomination. Here's the deal: Link back to the blogger who nominated you Paste the award image on your blog Tell 7 facts about yourself Nominate 15 other blogs that you would like to give the award to Contact the bloggers that you have … Continue reading One Lovely Blogger

the ABC of blogging

Well goshy goll! I'm very touched to be included in this award by Seascapeaus The ABC award asks the recipient to name 26 alphabetical things about themselves, so here we go (some cheating may occur) the A-Z of Ephemeral Gecko! Ambient Bouyant Contradictory Defining Effervescent Flowing Giddying Hopeful Intriguing Joyful Kaleidoscopic La la la.... Meandering … Continue reading the ABC of blogging

3 BIG thank yous

Thank you #1 goes to Phillipa aka Seascapesaus for nominating me for the Awesome Blog Content Award Thank you also to Not Just A Mummy for the One Lovely Blog Award And finally to Obscured Dreamer for the Illuminating Blogger Award Guys, what can I say? I'm overwhelmed! When I began my foray into bloggery … Continue reading 3 BIG thank yous