"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." ~ George Bernard Shaw don't stop  😉


This morning I launched my newest project - a year full of color - "TWELVTY" All as scheduled, 9am my time, so the early wee hours for the cross-pond recipients. Each month this year has it's own color: January is yellow, and it's flooding my thoughts. It's the sunrise of a new project.  The idea came to me just a … Continue reading Dawn

merging emerging

Last night I couldn't sleep. So I painted. And I pondered. Life is as quick as a flash, a sprint through some generations and it's done. And life is a slow evolution, spiralling up through understanding new layers of the game. It's both. Everything & Nothing. Empty & Full. Contrast & Confusion. Zigs & Zags. … Continue reading merging emerging

thoughts de jour

Traditional journalling - the outpouring of words and thoughts and the recording of happenings, events and reactions is quite linear: these things occurred, then were recorded; these things were planned and projected, then recorded. Art journalling is far more holistic. Even the most literal illustrations are cast in the light of the mood, defined by the … Continue reading thoughts de jour

Wednesday to Wednesday: phase two.

Imagine. Just imagine... being able to make up your own rules.  Sure, some of the old ones still have to apply: do as you would be done by, two wrongs don't make a right, gravity, etc.  But what about the rest of them? Why ever would we allow anyone else to dictate the hows and the whys beyond … Continue reading Wednesday to Wednesday: phase two.

wobbling, blurry…

It's all metaphors, right? As I look at what I do I try to pick out clues as to what I mean and feel and understand. Already in week two of this selflove365 day project (and LOVING it, btw). The pictures are fuzzy. They mirror the way I'm fumbling my way into the new year and this new project. I'm … Continue reading wobbling, blurry…

Contrast and Agreements (42/52)

Sometime earlier this year I fell upon the Four Agreements (Miguel Ruiz). This week they fell back into my mind, so I caught them here on the page. If you don't know them, The Four Agreements are: 1. Be Impeccable with your Word: Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the Word … Continue reading Contrast and Agreements (42/52)

Time Hole (39/52)

I fell down another hole in time but it's All OK Now. I jumped. I was down there from some time, lurking (it happens from time to time. Do you do this too?) I've learned to TRUST I'll fumble my way out eventually. I follow my instincts and they lead me back to where I left off. … Continue reading Time Hole (39/52)

on being me.

I love to learn. I take in as much information as I can every day. It swims about inside my head, It gets filtered (a little bit). Forming together into cohesive chunks I consider my 'knowledge'. TBH, it's a bit cluttered in there. Overgrown. Oftentimes, when I extract some of these really interesting new things … Continue reading on being me.