day 1: 12 days of Twelvty

Color is an integral part to all types of creativity, it influences our moods and emotions, it’s linked with memories. Colors have been assigned meanings and connections throughout history and around the world.  colorwheelspiral

When we tune our eyes in to notice the colors around us, life becomes brighter and more vibrant.

Through 2017 I’ve been exploring these aspects of color in a year long visual adventure: one color each month.

One part of the adventure has been the creation of a mixed media art journal. Each month I’ve added a few more pages, using just in that month’s colors.

Over the last 12 days of the year I want to show you a glimpse of this project, beginning with….

Twelvty-One: Yellow

The color of sunshine, buttercups & bananas!


“A picture painted in yellow always radiates spiritual warmth”
– Wassily Kandinsky

Tomorrow we’ll step around to Twelvty-Two: Yellow-Green



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