Hi Folks!

Lordy, where has the time gone since I last posted....? I've missed our chats. Student life is going from strength to strength - initial doubts replaced by a deep joy of the challenges. This week has been 'reading week' so college was closed, I've caught up on the day job & finally replaced my creaky … Continue reading Hi Folks!

Cosy Snugness, in the making

A little while ago I told you about my plan to make a quilt. So far I've completed 9 5x5 squares...... I started by recycling a quilt I made years ago, stripping it down for usable fabric, but there wasn't going to be enough to complete the project. I scoured boot sales, charity shops and … Continue reading Cosy Snugness, in the making

Quilt update

Although I'm still painting and all - this quilt is obsession de jour. There's a real autumnal feel in the air the last couple of days - so stitching away! Having trimmed, washed, de-fluffed and thoroughly considered my stacks of velvet patches I deceid the best way forward would be to take the smallest length … Continue reading Quilt update

Quilty Time

See what I did there? *snigger* September's just round the corner and me and the Inner Kid are looking forward to some cosiness. We reeeeeally want a velvet quilt in which to snuggle. Now, something like 15 years ago we made one. It was a patchwork of scavanged velvet from car boot sales and charity … Continue reading Quilty Time